5 Reasons why you need to watch Hyori’s Homestay

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of variety shows moreso than dramas. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to find a drama that catches my attention. Maybe it’s because I can just turn a variety show on and not really pay attention to it. Recently, I started watching Hyori’s Homestay, kicking it off with Season 2 instead of starting with Season 1 mainly because Park Bo-Gum is in Season 2 and of course–isn’t that just the perfect reason to watch????

But as I watched more episodes, I’ve quickly realized that this show is some great Korean television. And here’s why!

1. Female celebrities hanging out with each other!

We often don’t see a lot of female talent on variety shows, and if we do, they’re often not fixed cast members, and if they are fixed cast members, the main role for them in the show is to be on the opposite side of a love line. I’ve seen it so many times before. Nana w/Jo Se Ho. Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo. But with Hyori’s Homestay, we have female celebrities just hanging out, and it’s amazing!! Lee Hyori teaching IU how to do Yoga? I can watch a whole season about that. Hyori and Yoona sketching cats — I’m into it!

I love watching all the girl talk between them. The show is about female friendship and supporting each other, and that’s great!

2. All the cute dogs and cats!

So Hyori and Sang Soon have a huge animal family, and they all get a lot of screentime on the show.


The best one of them all. Mimi staring down IU

3. Lee Sang Soon is the perfect husband!

My favorite scene from Season 2 is when Hyori is bedridden with menstrual cramps, and the first thing Sang Soon does is make her tea. Yessssss! A man who understands!

4. All of the great visitors who stay at the B&B remind me that humans are cool

Like the Judo team from Season 2, and the siblings from Season 1 how are the purest things on this earth. I’m not even old enough to be their mother, but I want to adopt all of them.

5. Because this show will turn into your life goals!

Due to all of the reasons above!

I mean why wouldn’t you want to marry a sweet, caring husband and live in an amazing house on Jeju Island with a whole bunch of beautiful dogs and cats while also ocassionally meeting cool people? Give me one good reason why this isn’t your life goal?!

Bonus reason – This angel!


So check out this show, ok?!

-Maura ^_^


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