Ji Chang Wook – Idol of the Month

Ji Chang Wook.png

So many actors and idols to choose from, but this month belongs to Ji Chang Wook. The only drama I am currently watching is Suspicious Partner, and he is brilliant in it. As lawyer No Ji Wook, he knows how to pull off being clever, sexy, and vulnerable all at the same time, and his chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun is sizzling hot. It’s hard to look away when they are on the screen together.


The first drama I saw Ji Chang Wook in was Healer, and I remember thinking, Who is this guy, and why have I never watched anything of his before? Besides being incredibly handsome and charismatic, he is a great actor who is capable of both physical action and emotional complexity. And he can sing! He started off as a musical actor, and often sings on the OST to his dramas. In addition to Suspicious Partner and Healer, I recommend his historical drama Empress Ki. Even though he plays a selfish, immature prince in it, he will still manage to steal your heart.



  • Name: Ji Chang-Wook
  • Born: July 5, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Twitter: @Jichangwook


Drama Series

[Source: asianwiki.com]



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