Idol of the Month – Lee Min Ho


No one does haughty like Lee Min Ho. Whether it be Boys Over Flowers, Heirs, or City Hunter (my three favorite of his dramas), he has the snobby arrogance thing down perfectly. With his chiseled good looks and tall, athletic body, Lee Min Ho need only stand in place to make any viewer swoon. Rumors are his screen persona isn’t far off from his real-life one, although I’d like to think the rumors are just testament to his good acting skills. His most recent drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea, was no real departure for him (think Kim Tan from BoF as a con-man who falls for a mermaid), but it is still a satisfying watch for any Lee Min Ho fan!

What did you think of The Legend of the Blue Sea? And what’s your favorite Lee Min Ho drama?


Born June 22, 1987


Fun (and not-so-fun) Facts:

Dating Suzy from Miss A.

Exempt from active military duty due to injuries sustained in a car accident in 2006 with fellow actor Jung Il Woo, in which he was bedridden for months.



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