Gossip Corner – Nam Joo Hyuk + Lee Sung Kyung

Get ready because I’m putting on my sleuthing cap. This is probably going to be a part of a huge series of posts all about Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, because Anna and I are OBSSESSED.

And because I’m obsessed, I follow both of the stars of the show on Instagram. I woke up one morning with an Instagram message from Anna pointing out that Nam Joo Hyuk (who plays Jung Joon Hyung ) is currently in Los Angeles.

After a second of squealing, I immediately clicked over to his account to gush over the many photos he took at The Grove. (Sidenote: why do so many Korean celebs love going to The Grove? I live in LA; I can tell you it’s not that great.)

But then I got this crazy little tickle in my brain, like I had seen Lee Sung Kyung (who plays Kim Bok Joo) posting photos on her instagram that look very Cali, and also very, very LA.

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Look! She’s eating AVOCADOS! Something only LA people do. Trust me. I grew up in Chicago, and have never, ever eaten an avocado before moving to Los Angeles. It’s definitely a California thing. And those plants in the background…I know those plants, because I had to dig them out of my yard because they’re poisonous to dogs.

And LOOK AT THIS! It’s Lee Sung Kyung singing a Disney song, which has nothing to do with being in LA, but that background tho. That looks like my commute to work. They may have flipped the image to look like she was driving on the opposite side of the road, to trick very sleuthy people like me. But I’m not fooled.  Plus her caption. Detective cap very tightly on right now, and it’s not coming off.

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Sing On The California 🚘🎶

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Plus there’s this.


Lee Sung Kyung was watching the game for him. I mean who would watch an entire Golden State Warriors game just to catch a sneak peek of the cutest boy ever– ok, nevermind.

YG Entertainment (the agency that both NJH and LSK are repped by) was reported saying this:

“Nam Joo Hyuk is really interested in basketball because he used to be on the basketball team in school. He’s in the US for a photo shoot, and he decided to go to the match because he’s a fan of Steph Curry.”

Sure. A photo shoot….in front of The Grove, where Lee Sung Kyung was sitting, nomming on a gigantic avocado.

This is the power of fans, people. This crazy, absurd sleuthing. I promise you it didn’t take more than thirty minutes of my time, so you don’t have to commit me quite yet. There’s the type of fan who would be angry at the possibility of them dating, because “Oppa belongs to me and only me.” But I’m not like that. I wouldn’t be angry at them if they were hanging out in LA. And even if they are dating, all I want for them is to just come out with it already. And tell us all. Please! Because they were a perfect couple in Weightlifting Fairy, so of course they’d be a perfect couple in real life, right?

And I wanna see more cute pictures of them together. Is that so wrong?

I want more of this…


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And this…



I guess, one can only dream.


–Maura  ^_^


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